Wheat 'n' Honey Reg'd Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers

Purebred, CKC Registerd Puppies                                             


Adopting Gow-Gao was smooth and the process was close to how I imagined it would be like bringing a puppy into our home.

I sent out an inquiry through the CKC website to all the wheaten breeders relatively close by and after some follow up email correspondence we met Donna at her house as she had a new litter available.

On our first visit Gow-Gao was surrounded by her mom, litter mates, aunt, grandmother and her human family. It was an environment which would make for the beginning of a happy and secure puppy’s life, being around other dogs and people. At that point the pups were four weeks old and we’d come back again before taking our girl home at eight weeks.

We ended up with a funny and sweet easy-going puppy who gets along with everyone - kids, adults and other dogs. We’ve come across so many other dog owners who tell us how confident and well-behaved our girl is and we’ve missed out on many typical puppy issues. She’s not fussy or aggressive about food and has a fairly robust constitution. She’s good to go on long car trips and doesn’t mind the vet. We’ve gotten through her teething period with only minor household sacrifices. Her toileting habits have seen a gradual progression although using bells by the door is not her thing. She easily gets distracted from her dooties outside.

Her play with other dogs is vigorous to say the least and she’s happy to meet everyone. She is confused by small yappy aggressive dogs and aloof mature dogs but they are few.

Based on comments from strangers and not just prejudiced friends and neighbours GG is a good- looking dog who has good lines and comportment.

Donna is an absolute pro. She has sound practical information she communicates thoroughly and everything she said has turned out to be the case. As much as we were interviewing her that first time she was interviewing us to get a feel of the kind of home we’d be providing so she could match temperaments.

I can strongly and confidently recommend Donna if you are looking to have a wheaten in your life.

Albert and Chris, Toronto