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Wheat 'n' Honey Reg'd Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers

Purebred, CKC Registerd Puppies                                             

About Us

Our love for the Wheaten Terrier began in 1998. We wanted a non-shedding breed that wasn't too big or too small and that was easy to train and had an excellent temperament. We wanted a dog that would be a sweet and loving part of our family.

I was interested in the Wheaten so I asked a lot of people who knew about the breed, or who had a Wheaten, a lot of questions. All I heard was positive things. They are calm and sweet dogs. They are good with children and other pets. They don't shed and their owners were very devoted to them, and they to their families. I asked a breeder of another type of terrier what he thought of Wheatens and he said that if you got the worst puppy in the litter, you would still have a wonderful dog.

We found our first Wheaten in November 1998 and we absolutely loved her! Everybody loved her! We named her Echo. We heard that Wheatens often like a buddy, so we put our name on a waiting list of a reputable breeder, and 3 years later, we got our second Wheaten. He was an outstanding male named Riley.

Riley was a CKC registered Canadian Champion. We didn't even start showing him until he was 6 years old! We were unaware of his potential. Riley has since passed away after a wonderful long life. Echo lived to be 16 years old and had a young attitude to almost the very end.

My decision to become a breeder wasn't made on the fly. I had been researching the idea since I found Echo in 1998. With the help, advice and guidance of 2 reputable and successful breeders, one of which I got Riley from in 2001, I began my journey. In 2009 we welcomed Karamel to the family. Karamel had a litter of puppies at the end of June 2011. We kept a beautiful little female and called her "Clover". In 2014 Karamel had another outstanding litter from which we chose "Daisy" to join our family. We now have Minnie, another one of Karamel's offspring.

Our goal is to produce puppies with the best health and temperament possible. We selectively breed our dogs to ensure you get a healthy, disease free puppy whose parents have passed all health tests and have excellent pedigrees and wonderful temperaments. We have our dogs DNA tested to rule out PLN. Our dogs are our family members and live in the house with us. The puppies are in the hub of the house and get lots of attention and socialization. We guarantee our puppies health.

Wheatens are really healthy dogs. My dogs have lived long and medication-free lives.

We are not "backyard breeders," yet we are not a large impersonal kennel. We are responsible breeders who love these dogs with a passion. We go to great lengths to make sure our breeding pairs are both healthy, happy and to breed standard. All health testing is completed prior to breeding. Please consider all these factors when you are thinking about buying a dog that will be an important part of your life for many year to come.

Please feel free to drop by for a visit. Just give us a call to set up a time.

Owner: Donna Smith

Location: Elmira, ON

Phone: 519-669-1007

Email: [email protected]